Friday, March 12, 2010

Friday March 12 Evening Update

The 5pm filing deadline has passed. Below are the candidates who will be on the ballot. Every incumbent will face at least one challenger.

42nd (Gary Miller)
Michael Williamson-Dem
David Su-Rep
Gary Miller-Rep
Lee McGroarty-Rep
Phil Liberatore-Rep
Mark Lambert-Lib

State Senate
32nd (Gloria Negrete-McLeod)
Gloria Negrete-McLeod-Dem
Earl De Vries-Rep

State Assembly
60th (Curt Hagman)
Curt Hagman-Rep
Gregg Fritchle-Dem

61th (Norma Torres)
Norma Torres-Dem
Ray Moors-Rep

72nd (Chris Norby)
Chris Norby-Rep
Esiquio Ramos Uballe-Dem (Turned in paper work but has not yet been declared as "qualified.")
Jane Rands-Grn

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