Saturday, March 13, 2010

IV Daily Bulletin gets it wrong, SGV Tribune and Whittier Daily News get it right

The Inland Valley Daily Bulletin has an article by Sandra Emerson today about who filed for the June primary elections. Unfortunately there information is, once again, wrong and incomplete.

In reporting about the 60th Assembly District they report that Curt Hagman is unopposed. However, yesterday Democrat Gregg Fritchle filed his papers in Los Angeles County.

In their coverage of the 42nd Congressional race they only mention that David Su and Lee McGroarty are challenging Rep. Gary Miller for the Republican nomination, forgetting about Phil Liberatore who filed in Los Angeles County. They also fail to mention that Democrat Michael Williamson and Libertarian Mark Lambert are on the ballot.

Maybe the reporter didn't realize that a legislative district can include more than one county and only looked at San Bernardino county filings. The San Gabriel Valley Tribune and Whittier Daily News, owned by the same company as the Daily Bulletin, didn't make the same mistake when reporting about the races. Both mention Fritchle in the 60th and report about all candidates in the 42nd.

In January, the Daily Bulletin published a similar story that failed to mention candidates in the 42nd race and 32nd State Senate race. Maybe the newspapers need to share notes so the Daily Bulletin doesn't make this mistake for a third time in a row on the next story.

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