Friday, March 5, 2010

Interesting Comment: A 42nd Challenger with Baggage?

As some of you know, all comments are moderated before being posted. This morning I received a very interesting comment. I have been debating for several hours what to do with it. Do I ignore it or post it as a comment like the author intended? I decided that it was note worthy but if simply a comment most of our readers would miss it. So I have decided to post it as a story.

The author does not specifically name the candidate, or candidates, that the three questions (which I highlighted) apply to. It could be a primary and/or general election challenger(s) the author is referencing.

Rep. Gary Miller is being challenged in the Republican primary of the 42nd district by Phil Liberatore, Lee McGroarty and David Su. Michael Williamson and Louie Contreras are seeking the Democratic nomination. Mark Lambert is seeking the Libertarian nomination.

Now that I am retired, I have extra time to research candidates and look carefully at what they are saying and more importantly what is being said about them. With filing nearing a close, I see that the challengers in the 42nd Congressional District are rehashing 4 year old newspaper allegations against Congressman Gary Miller.

Whatever happened to these allegations? I cannot find any public record of any criminal or legal action that stemmed from them. Why in four years has nothing happened? Most likely because the allegations were sensationalized hype churned by overzealous reporters trying to be the next Woodward or Bernstein.

Why are we hearing these same old, unproven stories again?

Do Congressman Miller’s challengers really think that anyone will vote for them simply because they throw rocks and stir up mud?

If I was advising Congressman Miller, and I am not, the first thing that I would do is take a peek at the available public records on these rock-throwing challengers. Some of the questions that I would look into are:

· How many prior elections did these people actually vote in? (Available at the Registrar of Voters)

· How many times were they and their businesses sued? (Available on-line from various background search engines)

· Were they ever subject to disciplinary action or lose a professional license? (Available from the State of California)

Before these kids start yelling how much the room smells, they should check their own diapers and see how full they really are. I’ve taken the time to do a preliminary look into these candidates and I’ve seen what a mess their diapers really are.

For the next few months, I’m going to sit back and watch these children throw rocks at the Congressman and wait. I’ll wait for the Congressman to get tired of this silliness and pick up a few thousand pound boulders and toss them back.

Not only are these challengers backgrounds so littered with dubious behavior, Congressman Miller has a huge campaign warchest to let every voter in the district know everything about his opponents.

Now it’s time to sit back and watch this election unfold.


  1. Thank you lucky day for posting this. Miller's transparency is almost laughable. If ANYONE wants to talk about missed votes, Gary "AWOL" Miller should be the last person on the planet to point fingers. If ANYONE wants to discuss unethical and/or potentially criminal misconduct Gary "I've been investigated more times than I can count" Miller should be the last person in the world to point fingers. Yep, I would have to say that in a room full of SoCal Republicans, Gary Miller would probably have the largest load in the backside of his Pampers in the bunch. And I wouldn't want to be anywhere near him when he picks up his thousand pound boulders because that sizable lump he's acquired is going to squirt out the sides and soil anyone unlucky enough to be within reach. And that... will be one UnLucky Day. My money's on Lee McGroarty to win, Phil Liberatore to show and Gary Miller reaching for the Desitin.

  2. I wondered who would comment first because I figured it would give insight into which campaign was most concerned about the possible baggage.

  3. Not sure which "campaign" and what "possible baggage" you're referring to, but I do have my own favorite in the race. However as I read the initial story again, it strikes me how much like a gorilla this person thinks Gary Miller is. He "picks up thousand pound boulders" and simply "tosses them" like they were nothing as he proudly stands on his "huge campaign warchest". But, if anyone knows anything about Gorillas it is this - they howl and beat their chests merely as means of intimidation. Once you stand your ground and show them you're not afraid of them, they simply go back to picking and eating their fleas. Bon Appetit Gary Miller...

  4. After your first comment I did a google search with the name of your "favorite." Last year the Daily Bulletin ran this quote in an article about your candidate McGroarty.

    "Miller responded to McGroarty's comments on Monday focusing on his challenger's voting record, citing information he received from a constituent that the Chino businessman had declined to vote in any primaries since 1996. Miller also called into question McGroarty being a Republican.

    "On March 2, 2004, he requested a Republican ballot," Miller said. "Why would a Republican request a Republican ballot unless he was an independent or declined to state he was a Republican. ... Having to request a Republican ballot means you're not registered."

    The article states that McGroarty, "didn't deny Miller's allegation..."

    I was not sure who the author of the original comment was referring to. There are several businessmen in the race so any of them could have had their business sued multiple times. But the allegation that someone may have been "subject to disciplinary action" or lost "a professional license," made me think the author of the original comment was possibly referring to the CPA in the race.

    Thanks for making me rethink that.

  5. You are very welcome. Listen, with guys like Gary Miller in office I've thought more than once about becoming a Libertarian or something else. In fact, because of politicians like Miller, Mike Duvall, and all those "good Republican leaders" out in Rancho Cucamonga about to get arrested, I don't even call myself a Republican anymore. I tell everyone I'm a Conservative. Just like all my Tea Party buddies. And Gary Miller is NOT a Conservative. And for the record, I don't think those allegations about Phil Liberatore are true, he's in a tough profession fraught with litigious customers. I did some digging. I didn't find anything he couldn't easily defend...unlike your buddy Gary Miller.