Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Liberatore Hearing Tomorrow

42nd Congressional Candidate Phil Liberatore has a hearing tomorrow at 10:30 in Sacramento about his ballot designation. Secretary of State Debra Bowen wouldn't let Liberatore use the ballot designation "IRS Problem Solver," because he used the word IRS. Liberatore sued on Monday in an effort to use the designation.

Prediction: Liberatore Loses. "IRS" cannot be used and "Problem Solver," is not a job title. This case looks straight forward. I was surprised he would waste his money on lawyers to fight this case. But maybe he is doing it to get media attention.

Problem is the only major media to pick up the story, The Hill, thinks he is suing to use "IRS Problem Solver," instead of his name, "Phil Liberatore." Hilarious.

Make sure to vote in our poll which asks if Liberatore should be able to use, "IRS Problem Solver."

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