Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Michael Williamson- Immigration Fighter Part 2

A few weeks ago we did a story about Democratic Congressional candidate Michael Williamson calling himself an immigration fighter. My fellow blogger Little Neddy Knickers wondered what Williamson did to change Special Order 40, because he is a LAPD officer. The order prevents officers from asking about an individuals immigration status or contacting federal officials about an individuals status.

Mr. Williamson commented the following to our story, "This is Michael Williamson. In answer to "little neddy knickes", yes, I have spent the last 10 years opposing many policies and practices. Additionally, one might consider that my public opposition, via a website, including, my critical account of Special Order 40, put me in the administrative cross hairs of a large police system opposed to what I think. Read the assessment I wrote of Special Order 40 in my website. Then if you disagree perhaps it will be an informed disagreement."

I went to his site, to read about all of the things he did in opposition of Special Order 40. This is what I found in his immigration section.

"Do not fall for the misleading statements of candidates suddenly "talking tough" on illegal immigration issues. Michael Williamson, a front line criminal justice professional has seen the streets of Los Angeles invaded by illegal aliens who have enjoyed the sanctuary protection of Special Order 40, taxpayer paid in-state school tuition for illegal migrants, and government acceptance of the sham matricula consular identification cards from Mexico. "

Where is, "the assessment I wrote of Special Order 40"? One line is it? His contribution is that he has seen the effects of Special Order 40? How disappointing. Haven't we all seen the effects of Special Order 40, and similar orders, in our cities.

Williamson says he has spent the "last 10 years opposing many policies and practices." But the only example he cites is his campaign website. Just like a typical candidate for office. They call their candidacy the contribution to the fight of illegal immigration but show no examples until then.

I invite Mr. Williamson to tell us, via a comment, what he has specifically done to change Special Order 40. We will gladly post it.

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