Monday, December 28, 2009

Michael Williamson-Immigration Fighter?

If you search for the website it finds the following google ads.

"No Amnesty-Stop it Now - Police Sgt-Lawyer for Congress Protect the Border with a Fence."

Another said, "No Amnesty-Stop it Now No Amnesty Candidate for CongressBorder Protection Now "

So who is this immigration fighter? 42nd Congressional Democratic candidate Michael Williamson.


  1. If he cared about fighting illegal immigration, then why would he work for the LAPD? His employer has Special Order 40 which has allowed for illegal aliens to commit crimes and terrorize the people of Los Angeles.

    I wonder if he has ever worked to change this policy at his place of work? Has Michael Williamson ever stood up to the Chief of Police or the Mayor of Los Angeles? I can only imagine that he hasn't done a damn thing.

  2. This is Michael Williamson.
    In answer to "little neddy knickes", yes, I have spent the last 10 years opposing many policies and practices. Additionally, one might consider that my public opposition, via a website, including, my critical account of Special Order 40, put me in the administrative cross hairs of a large police system opposed to what I think. Read the assessment I wrote of Special Order 40 in my website. Then if you disagree perhaps it will be an informed disagreement.