Friday, May 21, 2010

Is Phil Liberatore misleading voters again?

Earlier this week Rep. Gary Miller put a letter on his web site from Calvary Chapel founder Chuck Smith stating, "It has come to my attention that recently it has been stated that I have endorsed a candidate for the upcoming GOP nomination for the 42nd Congressional District. This is not the case, while I have expressed my admiration for Christians who desire to enter into Public Service, it is not my intent to endorse any particular candidate.”

The candidate he was referring to is Phil Liberatore. We asked our readers if Liberatore was being misleading voters when he put out a press release touting, "Congressional Candidate Phil Liberatore Praised by Calvary Chapel Founder Pastor Chuck Smith." Currently 85% do.

Now Rep. Gary Miller's campaign site has a letter from Jane Barnett, the Chair of the Los Angeles County Republican party to Phil Liberatore. It states (Copied Caps just as in letter),

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"It has come to our attention that you have sent mailings to voters attempting to intentionally mislead them that you are endorsed by the Chairman of the Los Angeles County Republican Party.

Robert Vaughn IS NOT AND HAS NEVER BEEN Chairman of the Los Angeles County Republican Party.

The Los Angeles County Republican Party DOES NOT endorse Phil Liberatore for Congress.

Immediately discontinue using any reference to endorsements by anyone claiming to represent the Los Angeles County Republican Party in your campaign."

This is the second time this week that someone has felt the need to announce they have not endorsed Liberatore and that hurts him. Before this week Miller was only talking about his past lawsuits. Now Liberatore has given him a new issue.

But that doesn't mean that Miller can't keep talking about the lawsuits. Miller's site, in talking out this letter, says,

"The GOP committee has also sent the letter to their attorney to look into possible legal action against Tax Fraud Phil, who’s no stranger to the courtroom.

Tax Fraud Phil has been before a judge or sued more than 75 times and the IRS recently audited more than 800 of his tax clients."


  1. I just can't see how Phil remotely anything different from most Washington politicians already. I'm not that jazzed about what Lee McGroarty has done, and think that Rep. Miller will probably retain his seat (which, after seeing Lee and Phil campaign, would be a relief).

    But for the primary, I think more people need to look at David Su. There's really nothing negative about him (he may have had some miscues from the starting gate regarding fundraising rules) and he has a positive message, is working very hard, and I think is getting noticed a little more ... for the good. Its tough going up against three bigger guys that him in a primary, but I would like to see him get 30% of the vote.

  2. Billy,
    I think David Su will do much better than most people predict.

  3. I agree with Lucky Billy. He has been putting out a positive message. I'm thinking he comes in second or possibly he could get enough votes to come close where we would have to have a run off. What do you think Lucky?

  4. Kevin,
    In California there are no run offs. It is winner takes all.

    I predict Su will finish third. Su simply doesn't have the money to compete with Miller and Liberatore. I like Su but the reality is that he doesn't have the money to get his message out there. Su will receive votes from people upset with the mud going back and forth between Miller, Liberatore and McGroarty.

    Su was smart just to talk issues and avoid the personal attacks.

  5. I'm sorry but I haven't seen mud coming from the Liberatore Campaign even after Miller has been making stuff up.

  6. Oh Really? I didn't know that. I thought every state had run offs if the vote was in a close margin. It seems like Frank the Tank is from the Liberatore Campaign. Frank, Liberatore Campaign has been jumping into this campaign and slinging plenty of mud at Congressman Gary Miller. As for David Su, lucky, have you been factoring in that David Su will get all the Asian votes in the 42nd CD? If he get's those votes plus a few from the white votes, it could be enough for him to blast right through the middle. I mean, the Asian Americans have been known to rally and make huge impacts in political races before. What do you think?

  7. Hey Lucky,

    In response to your statement about not having run off's in California. The state assembly race regarding Sunder Ramani is going into a run off on June 8th from the special election it had and now on Red County they are mentioning Bill Hunt possibly going into a run off with Sandra Hutchens for Sheriff of the OC? So, that means there are run offs correct? Just need some clarification.

  8. Kevin,
    The Ramani race is a special election to fill the remainder of the term AND a primary election but not a run-off.

    The Hunt race is a non-partisan county race. So if one doesn't receive 50% plus one there is a run off between the top two. County races are different.

    Federal races do not have run offs in the state of California. For example in 2008 the 42nd district had a three person primary. The final vote was 47.8%, 27.8% and 24.4% but there was no run off.

  9. For the record the primary I mentioned above was the Democratic primary race. Ed Chau won, with Michael Williamson (this years only 42nd Democrat) second and Ron Shepston last.

  10. Hey Lucky,

    One more follow up then. So if the race was close, somebody is able to win their election by 1 vote if it came down to the wire?

  11. Wow, that's insane. So if it came down to it, even within a close margin of let's say a few hundred votes, the opposing party would want to issue a recount. Those people who say their votes don't count are a bunch of morons!