Monday, June 21, 2010

Website up for 61st Assembly Republican Candidate Ray Moors

Ray Moors, the Republican candidate in the 61st Assembly District, has put up a campaign website. The 61st is currently represented by Democratic Assemblywoman Norma Torres.

Some of Moors' "platform,"

"I will research and propose legislation that will bring businesses back to California."

"I will propose legislation that will remove the boot of the state unions and lobbyists from the throats of the middle class taxpayer and small business owner."

"I will support to have a new State Constitutional Convention that will model our constitution after our nations which is 4400 words long and with 27 amendments. Presently, our state constitution is an incomprehensible 40,000 word, attorney written, legal morass of English and Latin with over 500 revisions and amendments."

"I will propose legislation to put a halt to the Eco-Economic Police bureaucrats that are destroying our economy, shutting down businesses and leaving families without employment and paychecks."

"I support legal immigration only. Giving amnesty leaves us with millions who have entered this country illegally only to live off the hard work of taxpayers. Many are criminals, and career welfare recipients. Legal immigration provides this country with the professionals, the industrious and law abiding immigrants which this country welcomes and needs."

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