Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Site up for 72nd Assembly Candidate Esiquio Uballe

Esiquio Uballe, the Democratic candidate in the 72nd Assembly district has put up a campaign web site. Uballe is challenging Republican Assemblyman Chris Norby.

From his site,

"Dr. Esiquio Uballe is a proven leader in education, with a long history of working with the community and families to show how higher education can build better lives and stronger communities.

Staying competitive in the global economy is key for Orange County's future. Being able to win depends on how well our workforce is prepared. Tomorrow's workforce is today's student. Help keep California's dream alive by strengthening our workforce by rebuilding our education system.

At one time, California's economy and education were the envy of the world. We need the leadership in Sacramento to make that happen again.

OC needs real leadership in Sacramento. Our residents deserve better than rubber stamp "No" votes time after time.

We need an Assembly member who will bring home job creating programs to get our local economy moving again. OC needs to get our good jobs back - the jobs that let our county lead the state in economic growth and a healthy lifestyle. Dr. Uballe is that Assembly member."

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