Saturday, October 9, 2010

Rep. Gary Miller announces 42nd District's "Angels in Adoption"

From the Office of Rep. Gary Miller:

Rep. Gary Miller Joins the Congressional Coalition on Adoption Institute in Honoring “Angels in Adoption”

Washington, Oct 8 -

On Wednesday, the Congressional Coalition on Adoption Institute (CCAI) hosted its 12th Annual Angels in Adoption Gala in Washington, DC. The gala highlights the work of celebrities and individuals across the country working tirelessly on behalf of children in U.S. foster care and orphans around the world. This year, Rep. Gary Miller nominated Keith and Jennifer McNichols of Chino Hills as his 2010 Angels in Adoption.

Following the gala, Rep. Gary Miller released the following statement:

“Every year I look forward to honoring a Southern California family that changes lives and communities through adoption, and Keith and Jennifer McNichols have done just that. In addition to their three biological children, Keith and Jennifer McNichols have lovingly integrated five Ethiopian children into their home. Through the McNichols’ example and passion for adoption, several other families in their community have also adopted children from Ethiopia. Keith and Jennifer McNichols’ commitment to the betterment of the lives of children less fortunate than themselves and their dedication to demonstrating their faith through actions are truly commendable.”

About Keith and Jennifer McNichols:

Keith and Jennifer McNichols have three biological children and have adopted five children from Ethiopia. In total, the McNichols’ have spearheaded the adoption of 18 children from Ethiopia to five different families in the Chino Hills area and counseled with families nationwide both pre- and post-adoption. Their daughters, Fevan and Tsion, were 14 and 8 when adopted in 2003. Unknowingly, Fevan carried a rare form of tuberculosis and would have died within 1-2 years had she stayed in Ethiopia. In 2005, the McNichols returned to Ethiopia twice – once to find Tsion’s aged grandparents and a second time to adopt a six year old boy they’d met named Miki. Miki worked as a shoeshine boy to support his parents before they died; after that, he was on the streets. In 2006, the McNichols returned again to Ethiopia on a service project and met Fikerte and Shawn – 8 and 9 year old siblings living more or less on the street. Fikerte and Shawn came home in 2007. The McNichols have spread their passion for adoption and orphans to their local church which is now supporting a new children’s home in Ethiopia. Fevan, now in college, plans on traveling to Ethiopia during the holidays to begin a service ministry caring for the elderly. Others in the family will go in the summer of 2011 to work with the orphan home with a group from the church.

For a complete list of Angels and their states visit


  1. This is just sad. Shame in Gary for using such a great cause for himself!

  2. Steve, I am sorry I don't understand. Why is it sad that Gary recognized someone who adopted five children and helped a total of 18 be adopted?

    According to the website ( every Member of Congress can select someone from their Congressional district who they think has been an "Angel in Adoption." Hence it being a Congressional program. These people wouldn't have been recognized if he didn't do it.

    Whether or I not I agree with a specific Congressman I think it is good when they recognize people who adopt.

  3. Steve obviously cares more about politics than recognizing those that do good things.

  4. I think Steve is right. Who uses something like this to do a press release, it tacky and even worse when it's during a campaign.

  5. Of course he should have done a press release. The family deserves to be recognized.

    Every Member of Congress can nominate someone. Do you have a problem with every other Congressman's press release or just Millers?