Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Tuesday, February 9 Filing Update

List of those that have begun the filing process as of 6:00 pm.

Earl De Vries, the 1994 32nd Senate district Republican nominee, pulled signatures in-lieu today for the 32nd Senate seat currently held by Gloria Negrete McLeod.

42nd (Gary Miller)
Gary Miller-Rep
Lee McGroarty-Rep
David Su-Rep
Philip Liberatore-Rep
Louie Contreras-Dem
Michael Williamson-Dem
Mark Lambert-Lib

State Senate
32nd (Gloria Negrete McLeod)
Gloria Negrete McLeod-Dem
Michael Bryant-Rep
Earl De Vries-Rep

State Assembly
60th (Curt Hagman)
Curt Hagman-Rep

61th (Norma Torres)

72nd (Chris Norby)
Brian Lee Cross-Lib
James Gerbus-Rep
Jane Rands-Green

We will post an update when new candidates have pulled signatures in-lieu papers.

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