Friday, January 29, 2010

Liberatore Uses Book Endorsements for Campaign?

Congressional Candidate Phil Liberatore has an endorsement section on his newly launched website. He has quotes from six individuals, including two national figures, supposedly supporting his candidacy. They are Carlo E. Caravetta, Hector Valiente, Bob Archeleta, Warren Duffy, Jack W. Hayford and Ron & Judy Radachy.

The Warren Duffy endorsement quote seemed interesting. It said, "For more than a decade, Phil has helped our family and business to make more and save more." That doesn't seem like a quote someone would use to support a Congressional candidate.

So I did a quick google search and what did I find?

The page for Liberatore's book which also had a quote from Warren Duffy. This one said," For more than a decade, Phil has helped our family and business to make more, save more and give more God s way. If that expresses your heart, read this book."

So, Phil took the book quote and took off the part that mentioned God. Really? Now it is possible that Warren Duffy just gave him a similar quote. So, I looked to see if any of the other quotes looked familiar. One did, word for word!

The quote from Jack W. Hayford, President of the International Church of the Foursquare Gospel and Chancellor of The Kings College and Seminary, is the same one on his campaign site. It states,"Phil is an authentic servant of Christ with great qualifications to serve you and me with problem-solving keys to managing our money."

So, the two national figures who he lists as endorsing his campaign endorsed his book. But did they actually endorse his candidacy?

Normally I would believe a candidate when they claim to have endorsements but after Lee McGroarty, another Congressional candidate, made up endorsement quotes, I have learned to verify before believing.

UPDATE: The Liberatore web site has removed the two mentioned "endorsements."

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