Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Lee McGroarty Denounces Attacks on Mouzoon

From the McGroarty campaign

Lee McGroarty Denounces Attacks on Mouzoon

Chino, October 24, 2009: Politics stooped to a new low when
Republican fundraiser and successful business woman, Desiree Mouzoon, was
maliciously attacked with unsubstantiated allegations of sexual impropriety.
There is absolutely no place for this kind of sleazy politics and I am asking
both Linda Ackerman and Chris Norby, and their respective campaigns, to
immediately denounce these unsubstantiated claims and defend this woman. It
would be helpful for the Republican Party to come to her defense as well.

As a recently announced candidate for U.S. Congress, I was warned
repeatedly to be prepared for the sleaze factor of politics, particularly here
in Southern California. My campaign believes the American people deserve better
from their candidates. These types of drive-by allegations must end and I will
commit to never engaging in unsubstantiated allegations toward my opponents. It
would be refreshing if other candidates could offer the same respect.

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  1. Lee is just looking to find a stepping stone as a full time politician. He is running on the platform of moving the prison when like President Obama, he fails to see the implications on HOW to do something. Goals are great, objectives are greater. How is he going to do this? Just like Jerry Brown, Lee does not have a plan and any plan he formulates seems to be a quasi plan designed to tell the voter what they want to hear rather than what he can actually do. I love the direction chino is going . The finances are good, in comparison to other cities, the neighborhoods are nice and we have a great group of police and fire that support this community both on and off duty. Please if you have any semblance of common sense, see past this charade that Lee McGroaty is spewing.