Thursday, October 8, 2009

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From NorbyWatch,

It is a bad day for the Norby for Assembly campaign. Things are starting to crumble as people find out more about him.

First, Frank Mickadeit has a column in the Orange County Register today that includes a claim by former Fullerton City Councilwoman Linda LeQuire that Norby had sexual harassment issues on three occasions with City of Fullerton employees.

Here is the key passage in the Mickadeit piece --
The other thing that turned off Ackerman, he says, is that on three occasions he was told by the city manager that a female city employee had complained about Norby's "touchings and inappropriate comments." No lawsuits were filed, Ackerman says, because "that's not the way things were handled then." Instead, he says, the city manager told Norby to knock it off. The city manager has since died. Of the two former council members I was able to reach, one, Buck Catlin, said he doesn't remember having an issue with Norby's voting habits or hearing about any sexual harassment. The other council member, however, Linda LeQuire, said she remembers both. "His voting was not always consistent with what he said before the public meeting," she said. On harassment: "There were several instances where the council was apprised something had happened. S There were warnings to Chris not to do things S to curtail activities that might be seen as harassing in nature."

Everyone knows about the problems he had as an Orange County Supervisor with a former employee....but now we can see this is a pattern of behavior. Then last night the California Republican Assembly has a debate. Some new guy that no one has ever heard of named Richard Faher goes after Norby for the sexual harassment on the county employee. What would Faher have done if he had known about the incidents in Fullerton?

Here is the passage from Martin Wiskol's coverage of the debate --
Political newcomer Richard Faher displayed a down-home, everyman delivery coupled with a solid knowledge of the issues facing the state and the workings of politics. He also was unafraid to bring up a past sexual harassment complaint - dismissed by an appellate court - against Norby. The complaint could become a factor in the race - particularly since the Nov. 17 election has been called to replace Mike Duvall, who resigned amid a sex scandal.

The candidates were asked about personal integrity and Faher didn’t hesitate with delicacies. “Chris Norby had a sexual harassment charge against him,” Faher said. “The judge was quite harsh. That’s the elephant in the room.” While the court dismissed the complaint, it called Norby’s behavior “rude, inappropriate and offensive.” Norby responded by pointing to the proliferation of nuisance lawsuits, and said this case fell in that category. “I had only three encounters with her, all in public, all when she approached me,” he said.

If the people of the 72nd Assembly District want someone in the Assembly that has this sort of a record with women -- let's bring Duvall back. He was actually not as bad as this Norby guy.

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